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How to Remove & Install Volvo V70 S60 S80 Radio – DISCONNECT BATTERY FIRST!

A step by step video tutorial on how to remove and install your Volvo OEM Radio from early model Volvo V70, S60 or S80 using basic tools from home. http://stores.ebay.com/used-volvo-parts also visit our web site: http://www.erievovo.com

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46 thoughts on “How to Remove & Install Volvo V70 S60 S80 Radio – DISCONNECT BATTERY FIRST!

  1. HI I CREATED A NEW USB,SD, AUX MP3 INTERFACE FOR VOLVO BASIC SYSTEM WITHOUT CD CHANGER OR MUTE. Its not only for Volvos, fits in any car brand . This interface name: CuiSS

    To know more about the interface, search CuiSS in youtube.


  2. is there anyway you can connect aux cable for external media player use? such as ipod or cellphone? or do i have to use a different stereo? i got a 2004 S60 2.5T model. I really need my ipod to work.

  3. Not nesesary if you have manual transmission. The reason why the SRS airbag service lamp coming is because if you have automatic transmission and the gear shifter is in park, it is not possible to take out the clima controller. And if you take out the cables for the clima when ignition is "on" because you can put it in drive and have more space, the SRS lamp comes:-(

  4. Yes. You can use a device connected to the OEM stereo with usb , aux etc outlets on it. Search ebay for the following :

    "USB SD MP3 Wechsler CD AUX Radio Adapter HU Volvo V70 1999-2007"

    Simply install it to the round connector on the back and hide the stuff somewhere. Im about to install mine towmorrow on my v70 2004.

  5. Disconnect the battery first or as soon as you disconnect the climate Control your screwed.. Dude should have mentioned that. Didnt realize, now air bag lights on have to get a vida dice unit or go to dealer

  6. I tried replacing my stock radio with another OEM HU-613 radio and the result was the radio lights and the radio steering wheel controls didn't work. Any idea why this is happening? Happened on two separate replacement radios.

  7. My XC70 has a 'wooden' trim around the entire radio and gear shift – there is no lower panel to remove as shown in the video – how do I remove this without breaking it?

  8. I have a 2006 s60 2.5t and I just bought a pioneer avh x391bhs as well as the dash kit, harness, and antennae adapter. i still have the factory radio console with the wooden trim inside, but i cant seem to find a video online that can show me detailed steps to install the unit . if anyone knows anywhere that i can find a video that can help me that would be great . 🙂

  9. Hello, iknoe this video is old but I bought a Volvo s60 2001 as my first car and im only 18years old. Is there any way that I can like take the «stock» radio and change it into a more modern radio? Thanks

  10. Excellent video for the novice. Liked other's advice about disconnecting battery before beginning. Now looking for a used volvo v70 radio to replace mine which died recently.

  11. This is awesome. Great help. Thank you. Just a question. What fuse/relay on an S80 2001 (MK1) have I blown? Got the new radio, aftermarket, in, started up, worked, fiddled with it a bit. Then the radio died. Even put in a brand new aftermarket radio. Still no power. Fuses looks fine

  12. WARNING – Do not follow these instructions – if you do – disconnect the AC control panel – you WILL get a number of fault codes and have to visit a Volvo dealer to cancel them.

  13. I had to do this on my 2005 V70. Different in that the entire radio/climate control unit is removed as one unit. My problem was disconnecting the climate control wire bundle. You cannot just pull it off like the ones in this video. I nearly resorted to brute force which would have cost me dearly. On the socket you have to flip up a small cover to access the tab which you squeeze to release. Never seen one like that before! Hope that helps someone else!

  14. The 2005 and up V70 does not have that handy 1" tall trim panel to access the two torx screws – the gear shift bezel goes all the way up to the climate control, and gets in the way of pulling the unit down and out. To get the radio and climate control unit out, you need to detach the outer shifter bezel by pulling it upward from the inner portion. There are 4 plastic snaps, one at each corner.

  15. I replaced the same unit model to my s60 and the donor car was a v70. The radio works good but can you help what do I have to do to match with the steering wheel control and what the lights of the radio don’t turn on? Thank you!

  16. I would highly recommend for a person who is not a ( qualifed mechanic ) to just go to an auto repair shop or the dealer and pay what ever they charge you to do the job correctly. If you try doing it yourself and really mess up it could cost you 10 times the original cost trying to save money doing it yourself. Don't be a shadetree mechanic.

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