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Volvo Central Electronic Module CEM Removal Procedure for XC90, XC70, V70, S60, S80 1999 – 2004

Welcome to XeMODeX. Today we’re featuring a step-by-step tutorial on how to safely remove your Central Electronic Module (CEM) from your Volvo.

This tutorial applies to the following models:
1999 – 2004 S80
2001 – 2004 S60, V70, XC70
2003 – 2004 XC90

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46 thoughts on “Volvo Central Electronic Module CEM Removal Procedure for XC90, XC70, V70, S60, S80 1999 – 2004

  1. Hey

    I love your vid..
    I have xc90 from 2003 and i have "breakfail. Stop now" and code is CEM 1A5F. It cant connect to my bcm.. what do i have to do with the cem? Same thing that you did, will it help?

  2. Hey guys, My 2004 XC90 was in limp mode so I disconnected the battery and pulled the ECM and CEM out. Pulled all the relay's etc out, sprayed everything with electronics cleaner and put everything back fresh and tight. Car started and runs great but now I have a SRS Airbag Urgent message. Is this a stored message? Is that normal after pulling a CEM?

  3. I got my CEM about HALFWAY out… I pulled it foward and the tab to the car-center side slid out nicely but the tab to the car-outside side will not disengage no matter how much up pull it or try to wiggle it free. The white metal bracket itself (shown at 8:24 in your video) is flexing as a try to pull or push the relay housing / CEM. It's like they are welded together. WTF Volvo!? I'm guessing with the number of these that you pull, you might have a solution (short of removing the whole dashboard). Any suggestions?

  4. hello i would like to help you with a thing, i have a 2004 volvo xc90 with the steering wheel on the right and its signals are no longer not on the right panel that i controlled, i was told that it is a lighting relay but i don't know where It is . can you help me please nice

  5. Thank you. I just snapped a picture of the relays/shunts with my phone to record their placement for reassembly. This video helped me get at my CEM ('02 v70 2.4t).

  6. I have a 2004 xc90 while driving I hear a click and like a reset then again the brake lights abs on the speedometer goes down and loss power. If a turn the ignition switch back and on it goes back to normal.

  7. Thanks. This is very helpful. I've just had my CEM checked, a new processor installed and reprogrammed. All is well now. It helped considerably that I could remove the module myself and take it to a specialist. At £100 per hour labour it saved me a lot of money.

  8. Hi, i have a 2002 xc70, i use a icarsoft scanner and got 1a5c code,lost cluster, and the car began to behave strange. I turn it off, wait 5 or 10 minutes and works again. Sometimes alarm inmobilizer comes and shuts down the car. Please help!

  9. Hello, Thanks a lot for the great illustration and repairs video. I have a 2002 Volvo S80 2.9 litres car of which I lost the start key for some years now. I decided to keep it in the garage till i get a good and competent programmer to reprogram a new key for it. Unfortunately, the one who worked on it took away the original CEM and the uncoded key for the programming, then came and fixed it back, but the Dashboard signals and lights were all gone with nothing working. Not even the window glasses. The only signal on the Dashboard was the "Check Engine". The car couldn't start neither. I tried another programmer who later also destroyed the traces on the motherboard for the main CHIP when he tried to read the code. I got mad and took the key and CEM back. I'm totally confused and wish you could advise and help me out. Is there any way I could send some pictures of the car and the destroyed traces in the CEM? So that you see clearly what I mean. Thanks again.

  10. 4 minutes of explaining how to disconnect the battery followed by "just pop the CEM out" I think if anyone is at this stage, they know not to have the battery connected when doing this kind of work.

  11. I have a 2004 XC 70 with a po 600 code. Engine light on and message box shows transmission service required, but car seems to drive fine. Any suggestions on what I should do?

  12. Hi, today stopped at the gas station’s ATM and turned my s60 II 2012 d3 off and than again turned the music on, so it played while I was away. After I got back, slipped the key into a hole and bam… blackout. No electricity whatsoever. Dead! So, after 10 min thinking I got ahead to the battery, took the both clamps off, waited 5-6 sec, put the clamps back on and bam… all the gizmos went back as they were before. Started the car normally. I’e never had such an experience in my 18 yo car possession life. Any hint?

  13. I’m about to do this to my S40. I’ve been getting many intermittent alarms (all of them) and door electronics issues. (windows, locks, etc.) I hope this helps my problem.

  14. My dash stoped working (needles , all dash lights) also my center controls such as A/C and heater wont turn on. Only the radio works. Turing signals and wipers still work but my driver seat does not work anymore. Could all this be related to the CEM? I have a 2001 V70 xc

  15. hi, is this a CEM Type-1 type2 or Type3? If it's for a 2002 Volvo v70xc , does it use type 1 type2 or Type3? I need to know as I am told that to program new key I need to know what type it is. Thanks if you can reply but quickly.

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