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How to Use Volvo VIDA DICE

Basic information on how to use the VIDA DICE system to read and reset fault codes, monitor your vehicle’s parameters, and perform maintenance tasks. I also have examples of how to reset the maintenance warning and engage the parking brake service mode.

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50 thoughts on “How to Use Volvo VIDA DICE

  1. I have a DICE unit and Volvo vida 2014D, I select off in the seatbelt warning options and click on the programming button but nothing happens, my car continues yelling at me if I don't have the seatbelt fasten.

    Do you know what I am doing wrong?

    With the system I've been able to read fault codes, to move certain actuators, but it can't switch off this warnings…

    Please help me!

  2. Where did you purchase yours. Seems all of them online are from China and the forms say the discs are clunky or the machine is burned out, etc. Could you direct me to a place that has quality, not junk?

  3. Thank you for this very interesting video. I was interested in the possibility offered by the service mode of the PBM to change the brake pads (explained from 07:05 of the video). I bought the equipment for my V40 D2 but unfortunately, this car doesn't have the PBM module :(. On the other hand, with the BCM module, it's possible to interact on an individual brake piston with inlet/outlet valves and on the master cylinder. Could a geek tell me if it is possible to use these features to facilitate the change of brake pads wheel by wheel ? Thanks in advance for your tips.

  4. Is it possible to unlock some software functions in my volvo xc60 2018 using vida? I am especially interested in unlocking active cruise controll. I have all of the hardware sensors etc. but this option in unfortunately locked in software so it doesnt show up in drivers menu.

  5. Hi! Can I enable/disable DDM or PDM with this software?
    Volvo v50 D2 2011…
    The DDM It doesn't work at all. The left rear door is completely locked. I can only open the windows with the key. I checked all the fuses and cables. Nothing…
    Nobody knows where the problem is…

  6. thank you for sharing. I did purchase the VIDA DICE a short time ago. After installing and trying I actually didn't know how to operate this at all. Now watching your vid makes it all clear. Thanks

  7. Hi there from Europe. Nice video. Any idea why on my Vida on Diagnostics -> Vehicle Communications -> ECM, on the list of things there, its missing A/C Compressor and A/C pressure?

  8. Is there a way to first get all the latest firmware for the modules and do it through Vida. I was told it can be expensive to go to the dealer to get all the modules update?

  9. Hi, Can I use this software to add the fog lights to my 05 S40? I picked these up at the junk yard and was told I need to go see the dealer to update CEM. Wondering if I can skip around the dealer by using this tool?

  10. Hey, I picked up some OEM fog lights at the local junk yard for my ‘05 S40. Will Vida Dice be able to “activate” these?? What about software? Dealer wants $189 plus $89 software purchase.

  11. I just replaced my door speakers (for now).
    I plan on connecting the speakers to a new after market amplifier.

    My question is, can I disable the car's Audio Control Module (AUD) with VIDA? Since I replaced the OEM receiver with a Kenwood, many of the Error Faults I get are audio related. My goal is to have an independent sound system.

    Thanks, and you all stay safe enough.

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