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Volvo S60 V70 CEM Corrosion check before removal 2004-2009

Showing why the CEM (Central Electronic Module) gets bad one these 2004-up post-lift vehicles, causing various intermittent issues such as engine power, various warning messages (Abs, Anti-skid, SRS), transmission malfunction (banging in gear while driving) and others. If you want to swap the CEM with a used one and have it programmed for your car, contact this company and ask them what to do


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12 thoughts on “Volvo S60 V70 CEM Corrosion check before removal 2004-2009

  1. From 2003 and onwards Volvo put new electronics in their cars. Before 2003 it was Denso, from 2003 onwards the stepped over on Bosch.
    Therefore I think from 2003 on they used another CEM design.
    You can recognize if your car has Bosch or Denso electronics. The Bosch ones use another TCM (throttle control module). Before on the ones equipped with Denso they used a Magneti Marelli TCM which can cause problems sometimes. The Bosch ones are more reliable.
    When you cold start an S60 with Bosch electronics the RPM immediately goes to around 1600rpm and stays there for about 60 seconds. After that it returns to about 1000rpm. The S60's equiped with Denso don't do that.

  2. Hello Peppermint… Thanks for all u do buddy, I'm currently doing some maintenance on my 04 XC70 concerning the blower motor and it's all thanks to your video that showed me the way…
    Have you ever heard of a parts company called Sidem Belgium ? I got a control arm kit from them I'll keep my fingers crossed and I'll make a video review on the parts before and after install

  3. Just happened to my parents' XC90. I took it apart and found the same corroded connector, and a few pins were stuck in the harness connector. Buying a used CEM to try and take the connector to resolder on to the damaged CEM. I have a DiCE but haven't been able to find a way to reprogram a used CEM.

  4. So many German cars with ECMCEMTCMCooling Relays sitting in a puddle.
    I was mad at GM for attaching ECM next to washer fluid fill tube or directly on the engine but German cars win the trophy for bad ecm placement.
    I think German car makers want these expensive main systems to fail first.

  5. Great info. My 2004 S60 that still looks new is a victim of this faulty design. It sits parked beneath trees and the culprit is the seeds and leaves that block the drainage. Other than this problem, it's a great vehicle.

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