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Volvo Engine Control Module ECM Removal Procedure for S80, S60, S70, V70, XC70, XC90, C70

Welcome to XeMODeX. Today we’re featuring a step-by-step tutorial on how to safely remove your Engine Control Module (ECM) from your Volvo.

This ECM removal tutorial applies to the following models:
All P2 Platforms
1999 – 2006 S80
2001 – 2009 S60
2001 – 2007 V70, XC70
2003 – 2014 XC90
1999 – 2000 S70, C70, V70

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34 thoughts on “Volvo Engine Control Module ECM Removal Procedure for S80, S60, S70, V70, XC70, XC90, C70

  1. What about removing the ECM (or equivalent) from 2003 S40 Volvos? The local dealer is extremely predatory. What would it cost to send the unit for rebuilding? It chaps me something fierce to pay what he's asking to replace it. It is showing a problem I'm told is well known for this car – it has lost its high beams. It is incredible to pay ransom for replacing a relay.

  2. I wonder if "outside" data can be downloaded into these automotive modules, could be a novel way to smuggle intelligence data for national espionage across sensitive borders (like in East Germany lol). Sounds kind of scifi I know, but I bet there could be a need at some point

  3. Thanks for the video. Everything went well with the removal of the Ecm and putting it back together. I plugged in my battery positive cable first then negative. When I went to crank my car it acted like it wanted to start but never did. I received the immobilizer code in which I thought it could be the key so I retrieved my other key to start it and it still did not work. Any suggestions as to why my car is not starting now?

  4. 2004 C70 2.3 5cyl turbo… She has new catconverter, new MAF sensor and new plugs. She stalls or goes to reduced performance intermittently, I pull to shoulder, turn off engine, wait a couple minutes, restart and she's good again. Sometimes it repeats in a few miles, other times it goes for the rest of a trip. No mechanic we've dealt with can figure her out, not even the "independent Volvo" specialists near me. Any suggestions?

  5. How about making a video showing how to replace the new cable you provide when replacing the electronic throttle body on a P2. This is where it gets complicated. Removing the ECM and TCM is a simple process. Please show more.

  6. Sesrching in the net and came to your channel. Recently my volvos60 modrl2001 is acting wierd when i shif gear from 2 to 3 its not accelerate as it should, thesame from 3 to 5 or vise versa. My mechanic told me that i should replace the transmission gearbox, i had no problem with the gear box before and read that if some water going to the ecm it would give problem with the transmission. They change timing belt last year and maybe they remove the cover not put it back properly. I hope thats the only problem not the gear box otherwisr its a deadend of my car. Thanks for the video.

  7. Somehow this ECU come loose inside its own cover (box) while i was changing timing belt. The car wouldnt start, took a while before i found out the problem. Stupid placement, or locking clips 😛

  8. Hello,

    I was watching this informative video and have a couple of questions

    My 2005 S80 T-6 Turbo (not all wheel drive) has been experiencing tranny problems and I feel it is electronic and not the tranny itself. I'm not an expert. For a while it only had a problem with shifts at around 25 mph at which point I'd have to ride out the slips till around 30 and above and it completely disappeared. Drove it like that for perhaps a year. Then one day I come out of the breakfast cafe and with no warning it barely gets me home. 1st, 2nd gear no problem but 3rd / drive slips slides away really badly.

    First, I'm interested in your professional opinion what you think the odds are that this could be a TCM issue.

    Second, if you think it might be, if I send you my existing TCM module can you reprogram it or recommend someone who can OR

    Does it need to be replaced with another one like and then reprogrammed ?

    Thanks for you informative video and your opinion on this.

    I'll also drop you an email.

  9. With the long video I was expecting you to say which part of the removal tool goes to the left but you sleeve covered it. The tool has a bend on one side but don’t know which one goes to the left

  10. I removed my ECM Without the special tool I pushed the Purple tabs back with a Screwdriver And when I installed my ECM I pushed the Purple tabs forward with a Screwdriver I hope this helps

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