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Volvo Central Electronic Module CEM Removal Procedure for S60, S80, V70, XC70, XC90 2005 – 2013

Today we’re featuring a step-by-step tutorial on how to safely remove your Central Electronic Module (CEM) from your Volvo.

This tutorial applies to the following models:
2005 – 2009 S60
2005 – 2006 S80
2005 – 2007 V70, XC70
2005 – 2013 XC90

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45 thoughts on “Volvo Central Electronic Module CEM Removal Procedure for S60, S80, V70, XC70, XC90 2005 – 2013

  1. Got a right front head light low beam bulb that is not receiving proper voltage. Going to have to do this to get to that end of the connector.

  2. My 2009 XC90 V8 doesn’t have some options that I would like to add, like heated seats. Instead of hours of programming with Vida, can I replace the CEM of one that has this option? I already have the modules that go under the seats, the temperature control module with the heated seat buttons and the cushions with the heat elements.

  3. If you live in the salt belt or in Canada, those wiper arms will the solidly stuck, use a quality wiper arm puller and remember to reseal properly that cover 10:18 so you don't get the same problem again, use a qualtiy outdoor silicone

  4. Love your videos guy's!!! I have a 07 Volvo Xc90 V8 had windshield and sunroof replaced only to receive car back with no power inside..AT ALL..no odometer,speedometer,radio,sunroof, gas meter,windows, orAc all gauges out what happened?? Please help Respectfully your dearest fan.

  5. These guys do great work. Whenever my auto repair shop finds an issue with a module or computer we send it out to them and they always do an exceptional job repairing and reprogramming them. Shipping to Canada for us is not an issue either, we often times receive the part in less than a week and we have even received it the following business day. Keep up the great work we really appreciate all that you do to help keep our family business alive. Cheers from California.

  6. I've got an 05 or 06 xc70 I can't remember which year. But would it be the cem that wouldn't allow me to use the key with the car or would it be something else? And would I need to call for a price to either fix it or get a replacement?

  7. S60 2004. How can you tell if the ECM or the CEM is faulty. I tried ready codes with 3 different scanners and didn't get any codes. The electronics has a mind of its own. For example, the sunroof will open by itself, the car engine turns over but will not start, odometer not working, interior light switch does not alway shut off and more….I don't know where to start.
    I love my 2004 S60 and don't want to scrap it. Help! Your videos are amazing and we're all thankful for them!

  8. Hi! I literally followed this video step by step, yet the CEM won't budge after everything has been completed. Is there a magic trick I am not understanding? It won't even move. Thanks in advance ——- 2008 volvo xc90

  9. Dear Sir,
    Thank you for this video – very informative.
    At 2min 40s into the clip there are 2 grey and blue connectors which appear in the video – these do not appear to have been connected to the CEM and are just hanging loose – what do these connect to or are they just spare?


  10. Question: Why did you remove the CEM module on the Volvo XC79? My problem on my 2006 XC70, is that there is a heavy electrical short on my 2006 Volvo XC70. I love the car, but it eats the juice right out of the battery.
    I have pulled every fuse looking for a short, but no luck. PLEASE help!

  11. I recently lost me 2001 s60 key bought one off ebay and got it programmed, but after 20mins of driving I noticed dashboard light disappeared and relays clicking all over the place headlights winking and can't start back, any word on this issue ??

  12. Are these units (Headunit / ICM ) plug and play or do they have to be programmed by the dealer if purchased used? i have an 'Volvo v70, 2012. Around a year ago the radio and infotainment system started to fail. and wondering if the problem is the ICM unit? . I was recently given the car and I have started to diagnose and try to fix this issue. The symptoms of this issue are the screen for the infotainment system not working but its turn on and hanging on and on, all of the lower lights and buttons work such as the heated seats and or the defroster and fan control. They all work . Up till this point when I turned the car on I would receive no light from the screen and none of the audio buttons such as FM, AM, and or volume not either, about 6 mounts ago the rear park sensor failed to show on screen. grateful for every answers

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