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Volvo BCM Brake Control Module Removal Procedure for S60, S80, V70, XC70, XC90 2002 – 2013

Welcome to XeMODeX. Today we’re featuring a step-by-step tutorial on how to safely remove your Brake Control Module (BCM) from your Volvo.

This tutorial applies to the following models:
2002 – 2009 S60
2002 – 2006 S80
2002 – 2007 V70, XC70
2003 – 2013 XC90

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35 thoughts on “Volvo BCM Brake Control Module Removal Procedure for S60, S80, V70, XC70, XC90 2002 – 2013

  1. Thanks for the video! I have a question, some say on the forums the error lights on the dash have to be cleared at a dealership, but in the video you said the error lights were off once the new module was installed. Is this if I send the original module in to Xemodex to be rebuilt? Or did you clear the error codes and not show that in the video?


    The messages come on all together or not at all. Does that sound like the BCM or the CEM?

  3. You advice was to disconnect the battery before removing the BCM. Now if I was following Xemodex's BMC flow chart, one of steps involved checking for voltage at the BCM connector. So after taking out the connector, I then reconnect the battery in order the test the connector?

  4. Tips:
    – remove the fuse box! Makes it so much easier. Two 8mm bolts and one 14mm bolt. Also disconnect connector inside. -remove the 3 T25 torx on the abs bracket to give you room
    Use a SHORT E5 torx to remove. And a swivel socket wrench

  5. Also… if you buy a used module you DO NOT have to reprogram. All lights come off (plug/play).
    I still recommend this vendor for rebuilds as they are THE BEST and you'll have more safety and reliability with their part.

  6. Getting the "brake failure stop safely" message only on the first start up of the day, especially if car sits for more than a day. It has never occurred while driving, and the code clears on warm start, only to show up again next cold start. Does this sound like a BCM dying?

  7. PLEASE Help me ??? I have a 2005 xc90 front passenger wheel locked up ! I can release the pressure and it will turn. Caliper works fine ? I even changed out rubber brake line going to caliper {no help] A very nice gentleman from Texas thinks it is The ABS/BCM , No brake light or ABS ever came on ? Please help ??

  8. I just replaced the BCM on my 2004 Volvo S80 by following this video. The hardest part for me was removing the air filter box. I found that using a 3/8" socket on a long extension and firmly pressing down on each of the three 4 prong retainers compressed them enough and aided in removal of the box. Hope this helped.

  9. I assume you removed all braking fluid prior to this, yes? Is there a way to flush the braking lines? My 2002 V70 has a problem with the back right brake. The dealership assumes the ABS module is faulty, but having them repair it is ridiculously expensive.

  10. I tried the 1/4 hand ratchet on a 2005 volvo xc 90 It worked only for the 2 screws easiest to access. After an hour or two and gave up trying to get the third one the deepest in. there was no room to swing the ratchet handle even if I got the socket on the screw head.I needed a power ratchet to overcome that problem and it had to be a thin extended reach one. Space there is very tight. A cordless extended reach 1/4 cost about $180 /tool, battery and the charger/ I went with a $21 air ratchet /I already had an air compressor/, I bought one at Harbor Freight. A CENTRAL PNEUMATIC 1/4 " AIR RATCHET WRENCH ITEM 34900. It fit in the tight space there with ease and I had the screw out in 5 minutes. Advice : Spread some cloth in the area you work. If you drop a screw or a small torx socket in there, you will most likely never see it again.

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