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Volvo anti skid repair tutorial

Change steering wheel position sensor
Volvo S60/S80/V70/XC70/XC90

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21 thoughts on “Volvo anti skid repair tutorial

  1. Be sure to remove the tiny little screw at 4:10 on the new sensor, before installing it. It seems the XC90 has more problems with Anti-Skid messages than the other Volvo cars. Of course, there is also the Yaw sensor, but see what a Volvo tech says about this problem (it's jymmy57 on forums) ""Some SAS codes are due to the system sensing the car turning even slightly while wheel is in straight ahead position or going is going straight ahead as reported by the attitude sensors and the SAS says wheel is turned. Is the wheel centered when driving straight ahead? There are two sensors in back of center console that report Yaw and lateral acceleration. The Yaw one (serviced as a set) is the one that can falsely report attitude and the ABS system can blame SAS, especially when the alignment is off in a way that allows the wheel to not be in the straight ahead horizontal steering wheel spokes position when traveling."

  2. Thanks for a good easy to follow video. If you replace the SAS with a good used unit, do you have to have it calibrated at a workshop or will it still self calibrate after first drive like with a new unit? Thanks.

  3. Thank you for this informative video, but to be honest I wish you would’ve did a voiceover explaining everything that you were doing instead of playing the background music. It would help those who are not mechanically skilled , but are willing to get their hands dirty and fix the issue.
    We appreciate you though!

  4. Hang on before you run off and spend hundreds of £ or $ on sensors or a steering wheel position module, I have fixed this problem using logic and a tyre pump. Cost: Zero. The way I think it works is that the steering wheel module monitors its position, logically, and The Computer That Must Be Obeyed (even when it is wrong) sees ABS pulses from one wheel coming at a different frequency to those from the other wheel on the same axle. Thus if one tyre is a lower pressure than the other, it will be revolving faster because its diameter is less. Having had this thought I went and checked my tyre pressures – 31 on one side and 25 on the other.(I have had the wheels sand blasted, powder coated and new tyres. Obviously there is a small leak on the tyre bead that went down. I equalised both tyres to 31, went for a long drive including several full lock turns, and the message has disappeared.

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