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Listing Presentation Real Estate – iPad Listing Presentation Script ❌

Listing presentation real estate system for agents and investors with a listing presentation script / template all on an iPad. Get it now, here: ➡️ https://bit.ly/2C3zV00

it’s not just about having a listing presentation script, it’s about having tools for Real Estate to scale your business quickly – and either sign the listing agreement or purchase contract on the spot, as you meet with the seller. From appraiser to broker to investor, and real estate trainer, speaker and coach, Erik Bee from Real Estate Funnel Systems has created the all-in-one listing presentation real estate professionals are using all over the country to close transactions:

The Ultimate Seller Appointment System

——–Contents of Video ————-
0:00 – What is This Training All About?
1:11 – Who is Erik Bee & Why Should I Listen?
6:35 – How to Win the Deal at a Seller Appointment
8:05 – Why Create Great Seller Appointment?
12:23 – The Tipping Point When Things Needed to Change
15:20 – Fresh Start – Creating the System
17:09 – Light Bulb on Today’s Technology
18:15 – Old School VS New School
19:12 – Complete Offer Packet & Presenting All Offers
20:30 – Don’t Leave the Point of Sale Without a Contract
21:35 – Handling 'What’s Your Offer?’ Before the Appointment
22:50 – Desktop Analysis & Syncing to iPad Before Appointment
24:12 – Why Technology is Critical: Don’t Leave the Point of Sale
25:29 – Handling Surprises in the Seller Appointment
26:00 – The Ultimate Seller Appointment Process
28:24 – Silver Bullet: Net Sheet Handling Objections
32:00 – Signing Documents on the Spot
32:50 – Email All Signed Docs & the Complete Offer Packet
33:30 – Escrow’s Opening as You Walk Out the Door
34:34 – Maximize Your Follow-Up Process with Simplicity
39:30 – All the Ingredients to Create a Win-Win
40:10 – What Others Are Saying: Testimonial
43:33 – How to Get the Ultimate Seller Appointment System

Using ipad real estate technology, the Ultimate Seller Appointment System incorporates a done-for-your, solutions based approach for any listing or purchase situation, with an investing or listing presentation script, contract(s), and credibility built-in. It also has digital analysis and links with all your devices to create a seamless transaction: so when you walk away from the appointment with the seller and your listing presentation, you’ve got everyone in the loop.

Whether your looking to improve your listing prevention real estate wise, or close more deals as an investor, you can close more transactions now: ➡️ https://bit.ly/2C3zV00

Hi, we’re Real Estate Funnel Systems! And to us, getting leads of motivated sellers is the easiest part of what we do. It’s the listing presentation real estate agents always look to improve. And in this short training, you’ll see how easy it is to adopt this critical success tool in your business (also, after watching this training and reading this description, see for yourself what top real estate professionals in over 20 different markets across the United States are saying: Visit RealEstateFunnelSystems.com).

If you’re ready to equip yourself with the success tools for real estate, and learn more about our ipad real estate closing tool, and how to succeed in real estate with windfalls of motivated seller leads, you can also schedule a call with Erik Bee, „The Investor’s Coach,” and his team here: www.CallREFS.com

* * * ⚠️WARNING⚠️ * * * ⚠️WARNING⚠️ * * *
The Ultimate Seller Appointment System is so simple and easy to use, yet so revolutionary, because it leverages today’s technology – it’s time to go from analog to digital! And you’ll likely find yourself wanting to share this system with every agent in your brokerage or investor on your buyer’s list. As such, we’re so confident that you will love this tool more than any of the other tools for real estate on the market today, that you will share this with every real estate professional you like, to help them unlock how to succeed in real estate. So, we have an affiliate program we’re now offering – once you’ve fallen in love, share it: https://bit.ly/36gJC7V

Step 1: Finish watching the training and reading this description
Step: 2: Get the Ultimate Seller Appointment Systems: ➡️ https://bit.ly/2C3zV00
Step 2: Learn how to succeed in Real Estate with a 1×1 strategy session: ➡️ www.CallREFS.com
Step 4: Plug into the vast tools for real estate success REFS recommends (see below)

But first, go to www.ultimatesellerappointment.com to learn more about the tools for real estate success and join the Real Estate Funnel Systems Family.

If you’re looking for more details about tools for real estate or ipad real estate please be sure to connect with us:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/RealEstateMarketingandAcquisitions/
YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCE-ccnHmn8-j5IHNOds0wkQ?

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