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How-to-use ContiMobilityKit – Tire Sealant Kit

The ContiMobilityKit is a convenient repair kit, designed to seal punctures in the tire tread caused by nails or similar objects with a diameter of up to 6 mm. The kit consists of a compact compressor and a separate sealant bottle and has a shelf life of up to 5 years. In case of a puncture, an emergency roadside tire change is not necessary and the journey can be continued for another 200 km at a maximum speed of 80 km/h. It’s not even necessary to remove and replace the valve core – after
just a few steps you are ready to go again. The ContiMobilityKit is only suitable for passenger car tires with a mandatory maximum tire pressure of 3 bar.
For further information visit our website: http://bit.ly/mobilitykit
Find more extended mobility kits: http://bit.ly/extendedmobility
Find your dealer: http://bit.ly/locatordealer
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44 thoughts on “How-to-use ContiMobilityKit – Tire Sealant Kit

  1. What a rip off – Tyre fitters can't repair tyre ( even if repairable ) as they can't get rid of the tyre repair liquid!!!
    Just lost a 2 month old tyre
    Will try to avoid cars fitted with these systems in future
    Car manufacturers laughing at us – they get a lighter car with the resulting lower emissions – we get to pay the bill !! Bring back spare tyres

  2. I just bought a second hand Toyota rav4 and i discover a conti kit, i didn't know what it is before now, it's a great invention you should make more commercial about this product, at least in Romania :)), Danke for the well explained video !

  3. If you not a big fan of replacing tires every time for minor flats, you can use this kit without the sealant, just keep that yellow plug on, and use the pump as just a pump.
    If you already screw the sealant on, and now want to use pump without the sealant, you can take it together with the hose of the pump by unscrewing two Phillips screws on the bottom, then brake-off 5-mm black plastic ring around the bottle's neck, then bottle will unscrew. Replace the yellow plug and enjoy! 🙂

  4. My new Škoda Fabia has this system, it has its limitations like anything else, my last Fabia had a spare wheel, however when it was needed, despite me being able to change the wheel, the punctured wheel was fused to the hub, and would not free off, so I had call out breakdown assistance anyway, these kits at least offer a chance of continuing the journey without having to change the wheel, plus they are lighter and more environmentally friendly due to less CO2.

  5. is the tyre scrap once it has had this stuff put in it? or can it still be repaired and reused. im not putting this shit in a £200 tyre that only has a nail in it if it can be re-used. Id rather have a bright orange space saver lol.

  6. I I am getting ready to purchase 4 new Continental DWS06 Plus, and was ready to purchase one of these kits because my BMW has no place for a spare. The new tires cost about $300 each plus $1500 for the wheel. There isn't any way that I will throw away a tire that expensive. At first I was impressed until I read the comments. I will call Road Service. The compressor might be nice though.

  7. @continental team, I have tried finding contact number to reach you but unfortunately did not get.
    Could you please help me with one query once we used this sealant how to remove it from nobility tyre pressure kit.
    I tried to unscrew sealant bottle after use but its not getting unscrew.

    Please help me on this.

  8. How come you have turned of the comment sections at the other videos. Maybe fall out from your continued support for Putins Russia, as a German company did you not learn the last time?

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