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Haldex anti skid messege volvo xc90 DEM

Quick video showing replacement Of oil pump on rear carrier, dem removal
more info on http://www.volvoproject.com

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16 thoughts on “Haldex anti skid messege volvo xc90 DEM

  1. You must change the fluid in these units, even though Volvo says that it isn't necessary. There are clutches inside the unit that wear. The clutch material gets clogs the filter and gets into the pump. Either the pump fails or the motor fails. Change the fluid and filter every 70,000 mi; more often if you drive in conditions when the car has poor traction and the four AWD is more active.

  2. i have a 2005 xc70 and i am not getting the awd to work. checked fuses they are ok. i do not hear any grinding noise from the trans, i am the second owner, don't think they first owner ever took it anywhere that the awd would be needed. can you tell me what i should be looking for to find out what the problem might be. i read that id the angle drive splined sleve is broken that it would not make any noise is that true. thanks

  3. I had the evil Anti-skid message appear with loss of AWD on my 04 S60R.
    I removed and cleaned all electrical connections (pump, DEM, pressure/temp sensor & solenoid) with electrical contact cleaner.
    Then checked voltage at fuse 17 in the Rear Electronic Module (REM), voltage at connector A on the Differential Electronic Modual (DEM), and checked the pump operation by applying 12 volts to it.
    Problem fixed!
    Always check the simple things first before assuming the worst!

  4. I read that a common cause of the Anti skid warning in the xc90 was water damage to a sensor near the stereo amplifier (underneath front passenger seat). Caused by a leaking sunroof drain gutter, which is another common issue. The sensor is $200 but the dealer will charge $600+. Can anyone else verify?

  5. It hurt my brain to watch you not grab the hammer and tap the mount flange of the pump. Lol would have saved you a lot of time. And electronic tools way more efficient even for smaller stuff. Turning wrenches is for breaking it loose / or trq down to spec

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