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Flat tire fixes | Consumer Reports

We test products that promise to fix a flat tire quickly without having to jack up your car. Some are compressor units and others are …

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38 thoughts on “Flat tire fixes | Consumer Reports

  1. Personally I have never walked over to my car and found a flat tire. I have allwasy experienced the flat tire while driving. When I then realise what has happened the tire has been eaten by the rim. I will never buy a car without a proper, full spec, spare wheel.

  2. I bought a brand new tire and I got a 2cm hole a few days later. I placed a patch inside and seemed to work fine, air still comes out every 5 days now. Would this product work? I’d hate to spend another $300 in a new tire…

  3. Lmao, I am glad I am the only one this product far outsurpassed the expectations of. Dead ass I used a can one summer morning about 3 yrs ago and that tire was serviceable until it normal wear and tear needing replacing.

  4. I just apply the fix a flat to one of my tire and when I bought my car to couple auto shop, none of them wants to look at it or repair the tire, they all said fix a flat is corrosive and it will destroy your tire and wheel, they all recommend me to replace the tire ASAP. Is the Auto shop right? and if that is the case then why do those shops sell this product?

  5. All nice and dandy, but how about spare tire, doesn't that exist in the US? I see a lot of these products. Also see read it nots that good for the tire, as well as can be dangerous for the person fixing the tire.

  6. Everyone says to take the tire to be repaired after using these spray tire cans. I purposely left it in a couple cars for many years without getting the tire fixed and it seemed to hold just fine. Eventually had tires replaced and took a closed look at the one with the spray. Over time it just coats and dries over the whole inside of the tire. I'm not suggesting this to everyone but there are alternatives. If the spray is in one of the front tires you might notice a slight steering wheel shake due to the extra weight that may off balance the tire. Over time the weight evenly distributes and no problems with vibration anymore. You can always rotate the front repaired tire in the back too

  7. I have bought like six of these tire inflators and they never work for me I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong when I'm following instructions….. Majority of time they just blow up….

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