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2005 volvo xc90 2.5t angle gear part-3

Replacing sleeve and angle gear or transfer case

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35 thoughts on “2005 volvo xc90 2.5t angle gear part-3

  1. no question is ignorant, ok this is not a precautionary measure. the sleeve that I replaced, Volvo said it is a failsafe sleeve so basically it is a softer metal and is made to strip, so the angle gear does not destroy itself. the reason the sleeve strips itself is normally from accelerating hard. the Volvo is normally driving in front wheel drive until the vehicle starts to slip then the rear wheels will prevent the front wheels from slipping. when you accelerate hard or if the street is wet you'll feel the rear push. because the all wheel drive will kick in if it is working properly.
    ( it's very hard to explain through writing but if you have anymore questions please ask).

  2. thank you for all your support an now that it's getting warmer out I can do more diy's to help anyone. I think there should be more videos of the Volvo xc90 2.5t to help us in the future.

  3. GREAT Video…Thanks. I just got that metal to metal grinding noise at speed < 80kmh, but disappear when i reach 100kmh. My noise was coming along the middle part of the vehicle. DId you get the same symptoms?

  4. Great video! Have to replace my lower rear engine mount on my XC90 D5 but there is not enough space to get the old mount out when the angle gear is in place. This helps alot!

  5. I just replaced my sleeve but I still getting the vibration when accelerating hard. My CV axle is getting hot so thought it was CV joint but have replaced the axle and the new one getting hot too so must be from vibration in the transfer case perhaps? Did your sleeve repair wok?

  6. i have a 2005 xc70 and i am not getting the awd to work. checked fuses they are ok. i do not hear any grinding noise from the trans, i am the second owner, don't think they first owner ever took it anywhere that the awd would be needed. can you tell me what i should be looking for to find out what the problem might be. i read that if the angle drive splined sleve is broken that it would not make any noise is that true. thanks

  7. thanks for your reply. is it also true that if i grab the rear drive shaft and i am able to turn it, it means that the splined sleeve
    is the problem. otherwise i will have to take it to a garage to find out what the problem is. any advice

  8. The video isn't great. But you know what? I just don't care. It was very helpful, because I got to see things like where the damn seals went in, and how you got the splined collar off. By the way, the channel locks and hammer trick worked like a dream. Everybody else was using a cutting tool and a puller from Autozone. That would have added at least an hour to the job, if not more. But you, sir, delivered. Thank you.

  9. By the way, hope you didn't loosen that bolt on the transmission, it holds a band that operates the third gear. If you take it off, it kills 3rd gear, then you have to go fishing with a pick to pull it back. The only way to do it is to do a fill and drain through the radiator. You can also add an inline filter – but you need to do something, cause your fluid should be a light red – like a shade darker than Big Red.

  10. Help! Great video, I have same truck. So my AWD worked last year and now it doesn't. The driveshaft special no freely when in park, doesn't make any grinding noise at all. Do you think it could just be the sleeve ?

  11. got a customer wants me to install already pulled down engine transmission and bevel gear it's all a big mess says other mechanic pulled it down to replace axle seal …now I I suspect that's it was the bevel gear leaving why they pulled everything thing a real big mess

  12. Cheers from Australia brother for taking the time to post your hardwork to repair a common fault at home. Ignor the negative comments mate. Lots of know-it-alls with no videos to help anyone.
    Thanks again mate. 😊

  13. thanks for the video, I'm wondering how did the repair worked in the past years? still AWD?
    All your teath where 100% good of the angle gear? mine look 50% gone, looking for a new one.
    To replace the oil seals did you need any special tools? or just pul it out and hammer carefully a new one in?

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