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Volvo C30 S40 V50 CEM / Ford Focus MK2 GEM connectors fix

Faulty connections CEM module in Volvo V50, S40, C30 and GEM module in Ford Focus MK2 can cause problems with communication between electronic components of your car. Most common issues are airbags warning, traction control warning, no control over wipers and central lock, engine turning off by itself, ignition problems (immobilizer warning). Other messages and […]

How to remove your Volvo XC90 Radio and Climate Control unit

A step by step video tutorial on how to remove and install your Volvo XC90 OEM Stock Radio and A/C Heater Climate Control unit. For used Volvo parts go to http://stores.ebay.com/used-volvo-parts also visit our web site: http://www.erievovo.com Pobrane z Youtube Naprawa Samochodów Volvo,serwis samochodów volvo warszawa, Serwis i Naprawa Samochodów Volvo, Naprawa Samochodów Volvo,serwis samochodów […]

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